Development direction of stainless steel wire production
Time : 2021-08-03

1) The raw materials of stainless steel wire are all produced by AOD or VOD and other refining methods outside the furnace. With the development from mold casting to continuous casting, the surface quality, inclusions and segregation of the material have been improved, creating favorable conditions for heavy production and greatly reducing production costs.

2) The production process of stainless steel wire is developing towards continuity. The production process is characterized by that the wire rods are stripped first to completely remove the surface defects left by hot rolling. In addition to the initial heat treatment for pickling, the entire cold processing process always maintains a bright surface, which no longer requires pickling. The resin coating is used to facilitate the coating and uncoating operations. After coating, there is no moisture returning. The total surface reduction rate of drawing is up to more than 90%. The dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the stainless steel wire produced are greatly improved.

3) Advanced production equipment (such as straight wire drawing machine and bright annealing furnace) will be widely used, labor productivity will be greatly improved, and production costs will be further reduced.

4) New varieties of stainless steel should be constantly developed. At present, the output of stainless steel wire in China is increasing every year, but there is still a shortage in the variety of steel. New varieties should be developed to meet the needs of different aspects, such as micro fine wire, stainless steel fiber, non-magnetic stainless steel wire, etc.

Stainless steel fiber is a high-tech, high value-added intensive project, which has been gradually transferred from developed countries to developing countries. Stainless steel fiber products have high strength, no deformation, good stability, and strong corrosion resistance. They are widely used in aviation, petroleum, and precision instrument manufacturing. They are the most ideal reinforcement materials for polymer organic polyester products. In terms of price, φ The price of 0.04mm is 200000 yuan/t, which is a variety with good benefits.

Because our country φ The production of stainless steel fiber less than 0.1mm has just started, and there are few manufacturers. The northeast, northwest, southwest and other regions are almost blank. At present, most of the stainless steel fiber less than 0.1mm needed in China depends on imports, and the price is high. Only for the metal mesh, the annual demand for fine wires of various specifications is about 5000t.

The muffler core made of ultra-fine stainless steel fiber has filled the gap in China, and developed muffler cores for Jetta, Audi, Logo, Fukang, Santana, Buick and other models. In terms of anti-static, the coal industry alone needs 5 million sets of anti-static clothing woven with stainless steel fiber every year. It is predicted that all kinds of metal fibers, especially superfine stainless steel fibers, will be widely used in various fields in the 21st century, with an annual demand of 2000t. At present, the development focus of superfine stainless steel fibers is to expand their application fields, and their application prospects are as follows: ① The field of filter materials. The superfine stainless steel fiber is made into various precision fiber felts. ② Textile products. At present, the blended fabric mixed with metal fiber has already formed a new industry in developed countries, while China has just started this aspect, which shows its market prospects. ③ Application field of conductive plastics. At present, the shells of electronic equipment such as TV, computer, microwave oven and mobile phone are made of plastic. If a small amount of superfine stainless steel fiber is mixed into the plastic to make conductive plastic, a shielding layer can be formed, which can not only block electromagnetic wave radiation, but also prevent other electromagnetic wave interference. 

5) We will vigorously develop and produce stainless steel containing N, super ferritic stainless steel, super austenitic steel and super martensitic stainless steel.

Replace C with N to develop stainless steel containing N. In austenitic stainless steel, N and C have many common characteristics. N is also a stable austenitic element. The combination of N and Mn can replace valuable Ni. The effect of N stabilizing austenite is greater than that of Ni, which is equivalent to that of C, and N is also one of the effective solid solution strengthening elements in austenitic steel. The affinity of N and Cr is smaller than that of C and Cr, and there is little Cr2N precipitation in this steel. N can improve the strength of stainless steel without reducing the corrosion resistance. Therefore, the development of stainless steel containing N is the development trend of stainless steel industry in the future.

Ferritic stainless steel has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and its stress corrosion resistance is better than that of austenitic stainless steel, but its weldability is poor, brittleness tendency is relatively large, and its use is limited. In this way, the weldability and brittleness of the steel can be improved by reducing the content of C and N in the steel and adding Ti, Nb, Zr, Ta, Cu, Al, V, etc.

The content of Cr, Mo and N in super austenitic steel is much higher than that in conventional stainless steel, which has very good local corrosion resistance.

By reducing the content of C and Ti in the steel and increasing the content of Ni, the super martensitic stainless steel is developed. The steel has high strength, good plasticity and improved welding performance. Therefore, the super martensitic stainless steel is called soft martensitic steel or weldable martensitic steel.

6) Stainless steel wire production is developing towards specialization. At present, there are more than 200 stainless steel wire manufacturers in China, but most of them are small in scale. Some of them have an annual output of less than 100 tons, and some even less. With the technological transformation of some large enterprises and the introduction of advanced equipment and technology, a professional manufacturer of stainless steel wire with a considerable scale will be formed, and small family workshop enterprises will be eliminated.

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